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Michael was born 1965 in Vallekilde, Denmark.

He began playing drums at the age of 12. By the age of 16 years, he moved to Copenhagen where he had his first gig as a professional musician, playing at the Purple Door with Joe Banks.

Ever since that first paid gig, Michael has developed into a fantastic drummer playing Jazz, Funk, Soul & Pop. He's had the priveledge of performing together with such great names in music as James Moody (USA), Fred Wesley (USA), Butch Lacey (USA), Ignacio Berroa (CUBA), Cæcillie Nordby (DK), Lars H.U.G. (DK), C.V. Jørgensen (DK), Eva Madsen (DK), & many others.

Michael Finding is a very sought out drummer. Thankfully he is pretty occupied with Sittin' Tight, however he has been a long time member of the highly prized Danish Jazz orchestra, "Once Around The Park" which accepted a Danish Grammy in 1996.

Album Credits Include:
Aché - "Aché"
Once Around The Park - "Unity", "This Is The Sound Of Music"
Decoy Quintet - "Mr And Mrs. O"
Christina Nielsen - "From This Time Forward" & "A Touch Of Happiness"
August Engkilde - "Band Of Inner Urge"
Thomas Hass - "A Honeymoon To Soon" & "Hannibal Og Jerry"
Lars H.U.G. - "Kiss & Hug," "Burning Love," "Hemli Helikopter"
Eva Madsen - "Husker Du"
D.R.'s U-Orchestra - "Danmark Dejligst"
Laugesen/Mindspray - "Howl On"
And more...